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Complete Eye Care Under One Roof

Dr. Monson provides comprehensive eye exams for people of all ages.  The comprehensive eye exams include:

Patient History
A review of personal and family eye health and general health helps guide Dr. Monson in your treatment plan.  Systemic medications are reviewed.  Dr. Monson will discuss any specific eye care needs that relate to you.

Visual Acuity
This is an evaluation of how well you are seeing.  Normally visual acuity or clarity is measured by reading letters off of an eye chart at both distance and near.

Preliminary Tests
This may include various aspects of your vision like pupil function, side vision, depth perception, color vision perception, eye alignment, and eye muscle function.

This test measures the curve of the cornea or clear part of the front of the eye.  This is necessary for contact lens fitting and other aspects of your prescription.

Refraction is conducted to determine the appropriate lens power needed to compensate for any refractive error (nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism).

Eye Teaming/ Focusing/ Eye Movements
Various tests are used to determine if the eyes are appropriately working together to provide a clear, single, 3-D image of what is being viewed.

Eye Health Evaluation
An evaluation of ocular health is the most important part of the eye exam.  This includes using a slit-lamp microscope and other ophthalmoscopes to view inside the eye.  Dilation of the pupils is used to help increase views of the retina and other internal eye structures.

Supplemental Testing
Other tests may be run such as a computerized visual field, retinal photography or OCT retinal scans to help insure proper ocular health.

Dr Monson and staff – top notch! Very impressed with them. Highly recommend him to anyone in need! And very compassionate too! Thank you doctor and staff for your great work!
Lynnelle P


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